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  • Rashida Nasrin Sucky

    Rashida Nasrin Sucky

    Data Scientist and MS Student at Boston University. Read my blog: https://regenerativetoday.com/

  • Huy Nguyen

    Huy Nguyen

    CTO of Holistics.io (self-service BI platform) — Confused about BI/analytics landscape? Read this book: https://www.holistics.io/books/setup-analytics/

  • Gabriel Lyons

    Gabriel Lyons

  • DataHub


    DataHub is the fastest way for individuals, teams and organizations to publish, deploy and share their data. Visit us at https://datahub.io

  • Arjun Gibson

    Arjun Gibson

    A self-taught programmer who is writing tutorials partially for himself and partially for others.

  • Jyoti Sachdeva

    Jyoti Sachdeva

    Data Engineer

  • Salma Amr

    Salma Amr

    Data gal on weekdays, student on weekends, living life in between:)

  • Asher Sterkin

    Asher Sterkin

    Software technologist/architect; connecting dots across multiple disciplines; C-level mentoring

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