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Time series analysis of Bitcoin price in Python with fbprophet ?!

Analyzes the price of Bitcoin in Python using fbprophet?

!pip install coinbase
api_key =  'xpto123'
api_secret = 'xpto123'
from coinbase.wallet.client import Client
client = Client(api_key, api_secret)
import datetime
def price_bitcoin_in_day(date_search):
return float((client.get_spot_price(currency_pair='BTC-BRL', date=date_search)).amount)
import pandas as pd#days = number of days searcheddef
# The first surveyed date is today (December 5, 2020) date_search =

#price is the price in reais found.
price = price_bitcoin_in_day(date_search)
#creating the list with the first values
data = [{'day': date_search, 'price': price}]
# informing the number of days to be searched
for i in range(1, days):
# Previous day's date
date_search = date_search - datetime.timedelta(days=1)
#Researching the price...
price = price_bitcoin_in_day(date_search)
#Added the new values searched and their dates to the list
data = data + [{'day' : date_search, 'price' : price}]

#returned the complete list
return data
dados = data_bitcoin_price_in_days(4015)
df_dados = pd.DataFrame(dados)


!pip install fbprophet
import Prophet
df_dados.rename(columns = {'day':'ds', 'price':'y'}, inplace = True)
m = Prophet(changepoint_prior_scale=0.15, daily_seasonality=True)
future = m.make_future_dataframe(periods=365)
forecast = m.predict(future)
forecast[['ds', 'yhat', 'yhat_lower', 'yhat_upper']].tail()
from fbprophet.plot import plot_plotly, plot_components_plotly
plot_plotly(m, forecast)

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